Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Funny end of the world prank

This prank video is bloody funny! Thsi guy is talking on the phone next to people, telling them a tsunami has just hit near by - This video was shot in the day the world was supposed to end, so the reaction from people is priceless!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Funny pie in the face prank

This prank is one of my favourites, these people look into a hole that says something like "Look in here for a prize" They go have a look in, and yes they certainly do get a surprise!

Funny bungee jump prank

This prank is very funny, this poor guy is about to do a bungee jump, and all of a sudden his friends pretend the rope isnt tied, he must have got a good shot of adrenaline from this one!

Funny office prank

This prank is very funny, imagine you come to work in the morning, and your office door is suddenly a wall! Where is your office gone! Its the twilight zone!

Funny drunk prank video

This poor guy has passed out drunk, and what do his friends do? They put him on a floating waterbed, and push him out into the middle of a lake, he wakes up and gets a bit of a shock indeed!

Funny waterbed prank

This prank video is very funny, someone has setup a fake waterbed in an apartment store, they go to sit down and test out his waterbed, and find out its really made of just water!

Free hugs prank

This prank video is very funny, this guy is offering free hugs, some kinda free luv hippie thing - Then this guy starts selling DELUXE hugs for $1 right next to him - And he sells lots of them!